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After the Minaret
After the Minaret

A Symbiotic Transfiguration

Lichen have lived on the minaret for about a thousand years. They were there for the prayer calls from the muezzin, the tolling of the cathedral bells, and the noise from the trillions upon trillions of events and changes that followed.

The abrading of lichen follow geologic time, so they colonize the minaret as the minaret evolves in artifice, in symmetry, and in surface, in microscopic and massive ways. The changes and imitations to the architectural form are seen contemporaneously in Seville, and Miami, Kansas City, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The lichen, with the queer, composite bodies of fungus and algae, never rest. They transplant to the new, and they grow on the old. They preserve the past—with poetic irony —by reclaiming and renewing, very slowly, for the sake of slowness.